Monday, June 21, 2010

Setup Leiningen on Windows

Edit: Leiningen 1.3.1 got better Windows support and you don't need to follow these instructions anymore. Get the Windows distribution from here:, unzip into a folder of choice and include in PATH.

Leiningen is a build tool for Clojure. Using Leiningen has been described here and here.

Leiningen installs and runs well on Linux and Mac. As of June 2010, Leiningen has experimental support for Windows and lacks the self-install feature. This post describes how to setup Leiningen on Windows XP. No prior Ant / Maven / Lancet experience is assumed.

1. Establish a directory where you want to install Leiningen (create if it doesn't exist). Example:


Also, add it to your system PATH environment variable.

2. Download the Leiningen script (right-click and choose "Save as"). Save it as "lein.bat" to the location discussed above.

3. Download the Leiningen JAR (for Leiningen 1.1.0) to the same location discussed above. The JAR filename can be figured out by looking at the comments (REM statements) in the lein.bat file.

4. Set environment variable LEIN_JAR to "D:\lein\leiningen-1.1.0-standalone.jar", or the appropriate path where the file is saved.

Leiningen is setup now. To test the install, try these:

D:\temp>lein new hello
D:\temp>cd hello
D:\temp\hello>lein deps
D:\temp\hello>lein test

Please let me know your comments and feedback.


  1. You have my undying gratitude.

  2. @Justin Glad you liked it. Thanks!

  3. How do you get Lein to point to your existing Clojure installation?

    1. @Sandeep You may not really need this (out-dated) blog post anymore to install Leiningen. To have Leiningen use a specific version you may have to run Leiningen in development mode, or create your own Leiningen bundle:


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